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August 23, 2015, 06:30:12 AM by Winter
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Hello NI community!

At the beginning of next week (August 24-August 30), the NI Developer Team will start a new type of event.  All week long, old and rare legendary items will have significantly increased drop rate.  Have you ever wondered what it feels like to find a Valsgarde or another ancient relic of the legendary days of old?  This week is your opportunity to feel the wonder and excitement of finding a rare and unique legendary item!  Several items will receive 5x, 10x, and even 20x increased drop chance that will vary across the days of the week randomly to increase the excitement and unexpectedness of finding one.  This week will end with a double experience weekend (starting Friday and ending Sunday night) so that even those that don't find a legendary item will get something out of it.

Legendary Event:
Event starts in: Event has started
Event ends in: 2 hours 12 minutes remaining.

Double XP Event:
Double XP starts in: 2 hours 12 minutes remaining.
Double XP ends in: 2 days 2 hours 12 minutes remaining.

Note for clarification: The events are both separate events. They will not overlap.

The NI Developer Team
August 16, 2015, 11:38:27 PM by Naozumi
Views: 810 | Comments: 25

Hi all,

As you have no doubt noticed by now, the website has a new design. The idea is to help make the site feel more like part of the actual game and has taken significant work to get it ready.

I would like to apologise to everyone for the downtime during the update. This was a bit longer than we had expected and we are very sorry about this.

The main features for this new update:

The new UI introduces new fonts across the whole site and pushes the parchment that you see on the front page to the whole site. This has been a long time coming and its great to finally have this all sorted. All buttons are now themed also and the sizes have been standardised to help create a more consistent look. All icons are now replaced with new font icons which again, reduces the time to load the site.

The nav bar is now all on one line. This should make getting around a bit faster. Extras now hides all the front page links including account settings and the logout link.

Updating equipped items is now done via ajax. This is every so slightly faster that reloading the whole site and the assist XP now have plus and minus buttons that allow you to automatically all assist xp to a skill without wasting any extra xp.

Additionally the large faction points area has been removed and the cavalry equipment added in its place so no need to switch between tabs anymore. The faction points are listed under class points and also available on the quests page.

Messages now show an unread counter to help you manage them. FYI: The counter will max at "30+".

New languages: Turkish has been added to our list of languages. We will be launching the delayed translation centre some point in the future now but a lot of rework has been added to this theme update in preparation.

Also, as ever, if you find any errors then please post them to the website bugs.

Otherwise, please enjoy the new update!

/Nao & the NordInvasion team
July 31, 2015, 03:00:26 AM by Winter
Views: 1206 | Comments: 43

Good news everyone!

Starting right about now, Hardened Metal will now drop in groups 3 times larger than usual!  This special event will go on through Sunday night  (time to be determined) so get it while its fresh!  Now is a great time to finally finish off that project you've kept on the back-burner for weeks, help out your friends, or just save up for the future :)

The NI Team
July 06, 2015, 06:23:41 PM by Naozumi
Views: 353 | Comments: 2

Taleworld's Servers Are Offline Online

We anticipate issues for users logging but unfortunately this is beyond our control.

Hopefully everything will be back up soon but check for up to date information.



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