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October 19, 2014, 11:05:56 PM by Kip
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In the latest patch, we made it so Nords do not drop some of their weapons that Swadians cannot pick up from the ground.  This helps keep the ground uncluttered so that barricades can be built and valuable items don't get lost.

There are still plenty of weapons dropping which should not, though, so it would be greatly appreciated if people could give us a list of Nords and their weapons which need to be fixed.

  • Please give us the Nord's name and describe the weapon (sword, two handed axe, shield, etc).
  • This only covers weapons which cannot be picked up by anyone.
  • Consider whether the item can be picked up by a class that is specialized for that weapon.
  • If you are not sure you have the right Nord's name, please don't post it.
  • Avoid reporting a weapon that has already been listed in this thread.  It will make it easier for us to go through.
We will try to release these fixes through the auto-updater as we have time to add them (a post will be made here when we do).

Thanks in advance!
- The NordInvasion Team
September 26, 2014, 07:29:51 PM by Hypernoma | Views: 4327 | Comments: 100

Good evening dear Swadians,

This patch has been a long time coming and I know various rumours have been floating around for the past few months as to what exactly this patch will entail. I am delighted to be the bearer of good news and confirm that the release is upon us! This patch is one of the biggest we have released in a long time and brings a lot of changes to the gameplay and to the coding side of NI. Hopefully we will see less lag on servers on our side, a potential increase in frame rate and a more interesting game for you guys.

General changes

- Restricted the number of tomes and barrels that can be spawned
- Added "backup support" slot for after the tomes and barrels have been used
- Removed the need to juggle support items
- Capped friendly-fire damage
- Fixed the support item bug that uses multiple items of the same type at once for example when placing a SHC with two in the inventory, both were used
- Changed the loot system to allow for some interesting additions…
- Adjusted assist xp/loot area to allow for “Rambo” players
- Rewrote most of the game code for better performance
- Completely overhauled Swadian gear stats
- New textures
- Added "prep time" between waves to eliminate saving last
- Reduced barricade building time in prep time
- Faster health, ammo, and shield repair props in prep time
- Can replace gear on spawn waves once (not if you just spawned) without needing to spectate
- Rebalanced Nords
- New bot AI for ranged units
- New barricade health bar
- New character screen (beta status and subject to change!)
- Moar rangers!!!

Loot system

There has been a radical overhaul of the loot system. I know we have been talking about the loot system for quite some time now but I am happy to say it is now in effect. As ever, I will not go into details as to how our loot system actually works but I will say that it very much favours playing in groups and not solo playing. No doubt some will moan but it really should be no surprise that we have introduced a new feature to encourage team play as this is (dun dun duuuun!!!!) a teamplay mod! Loot is not set in stone and will be subject to change as we observe what's dropping and how often.

I'm not going to comment in depth on stat changes for both Swadians and Nords as these are always subject to change, however we have felt of late that both players and bots have been creeping back towards "demi-god" status. As such, this patch will see some big changes to both. While we no doubt anticipate some "boo hoo" from the community, the changes we have made we feel are for the best in regards to balanced game play. Hero classes will now play an even greater role and as you fight on the battlefield you should notice a good few differences, some of which even increase survivability (??!) so expect a few surprises coming your way  ;)

Support items

Support items have seen a lot of attention from us in this patch. We have now limited the amount of tomes and barrels that each player can bring into a server per map. Each player can bring in 2 tomes or 2 barrels per server or one of each. This is account specific so changing character will not allow you to bring in more items nor relogging. We have even gone as far as making sure that you can't trade these items to another player to bring in to that server. All barrels and tomes are uniquely identified and that item cannot be spawned more than twice on one map. If you own 2 tomes/barrels this same limit applies and you cannot spawn more than 2 per map. Our reasoning for this is that we have had had issues with tomes making the game too easy and as a result, we made the nords harder. Players will bring in more tomes and we would make the nords harder again. In an effort to get out of this vicious cycle we are taking steps to try and balance things out. We have "weakened" the nords as a result to try and find this balance. While we appreciate that the system may not be perfect at present, we will be editing the stats of the troops on the back of community feedback. If the nords seem impossible, please do let us know (nicely!) and we'll make changes for future changes that can be rolled out without requiring any downloads on your part.

Item stat changes

There have been MANY item stat changes and we have a comprehensive list of all changes. We will release this list for you once we've cleaned it up a bit and make it a little more reader friendly.

Community address

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kip for all of his service as US senior admin. Kip is stepping down from this position to focus more time on developing the mod and that pesky thing call real life. Winter will be stepping up to the mark and taking over the position. This should allow us to focus more attention on the admining of the US servers. We would also like to take this opportunity to notify the community that recruitment for the US and EU is open for the next 2 weeks. Please direct your attention to the relevant forum threads for details on how to apply and who to direct your PMs to.

I would also like to thank the community for their continued support of NI in the form of donations. Your support is always very much appreciated! I am happy to say that NI is currently in an acceptable financial position. I know that the AU community have been looking for a new sever and have been in dialogue with Kip over such a server. My position is that one month of donations does not convince me that paying for another Australian server will actually see support from the Australian community. While I appreciate the donations that have come in from Australia, in the average month (looking back over the last year) the donations from the pacific region on a monthly basis do not normally meet 1/8 of our server costs. I would be happy to pay for another Austalian server if I could see more donations coming in on a regular basis from the pacific region. I have always been happy to pick up the brunt of the server costs but I unfortunately cannot justify paying even more for the AU region when I am not receiving any more fiscal support from that playerbase. A rather negative message unfortunately, but with great power comes great responsibility.

The NordInvasion updater is available here

The full patch is available here


The NI Family
September 11, 2014, 02:41:51 AM by Barristan
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In line with our continued efforts to make NI awesome and as much fun as possible. There are some small changes to the hero classes. The rangers have been placed in an intensive fitness programs... They have sat on their fat backsides in their special gear for too long. So we sent them to Pamplona, added some tricksters and now, those that survived should be a bit quicker on their feet and perhaps slightly anxious around any helmet with horns.

The king has also noticed a distinct lack of men holding large halberds in his palace. To solve that problem and give comfort to his peace of mind during this terrible war, a discount on entry is available for the next week.

-The Nord Invasion team
July 17, 2014, 08:08:28 PM by Kip
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We have moved the website, database, and TeamSpeak to a new, more powerful server.  A portion of the EU servers will follow soon.

The new TeamSpeak address is ts3.nordinvasion.com.

If you notice anything wrong, please let us know.

- The NordInvasion Team


We plan to move to move the website, database, TeamSpeak, and a portion of the EU servers to a new, more powerful server later today (currently aiming to start in about two hours - this might change).

There will be some downtime during the move.  (The forum will not be affected, however.)

We will try to have everything back up as soon as possible.

- The NordInvasion Team

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