March 26, 2015, 11:41:14 PM
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  0.7.13 "An Explosive Resurrection" 

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If you need help on IRC, please just ask your question.
Asking if anyone is there or if anyone can help you slows down the process.

If you have forgotten your NordInvasion account password, create a Warband character named Password_Reset and join a server.
A new password and one of your login names will be displayed to you in the game chat.

February 15, 2015, 12:22:19 AM by Kip
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Hello all,

We have done a bit of reworking regarding the NordInvasion team structure.

New Groups

As you might have noticed on the forum index, our worker groups have been combined into Contributor and Major Contributor and we have a new Senior Developer group.

Contributors are those who have done a notable amount of modeling, texturing, or scening work specifically for NordInvasion.
Major Contributors are those who have done a considerable amount of work.
Anyone who has contributed to the mod, regardless of being a group member, is appreciated and eligible for mention on our about page.

Developers are those who are an integral part of the development process and directly modify the mod.
Senior Developers are long-standing developers who also are administrators.

New Developers

We would also like to take this opportunity to officially welcome two new developers to the team: YuriTheRed and Thatsmybanana.

Yuri is joining our Senior Developer, K4mi, to work on the game code. The exact details of what they are working on will of course be revealed in time.

Thatsmybanana is handling models and textures. Anyone wishing to contribute models or textures to the game should speak with him and indeed, we welcome you all to do so.

- Kip & the NordInvasion team.
February 07, 2015, 03:48:12 AM by Kip
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Item colors might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about website design but they are something you see every time you check your inventory.

It has been a long while since we last adjusted them but that changes now.

We have added more categories to make it easier to see what you have at a glance and have swapped a few of the colors to group them better.

For details about which category has which color, please refer to our wiki: Equipment: Item Quality

If you see an item that does not fit the group properly, let us know!

- Kip and the developer team
January 21, 2015, 11:39:35 PM by Naozumi
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All services are now back online

In order to further improve the systems that run NI we are scheduling some downtime on Saturday morning GMT.

Follow us on twitter for the fastest updates:


0900 - 2200 GMT/UTC (hopefully - sorry its taking longer than expected!)
[convert to my timezone]

What is happening

We are doing some massive upgrades with a view to increasing the performance of the systems, specifically the database.

This is likely to last a couple of hours as it will involve massive backups and reshuffling of systems and data. During this time all EU servers, websites and databases will be offline. This also means that no equipment or loot will be handed out to players on AU or NA servers. Additionally the primary teamspeak server will be offline. We may have a backup working - check back here for details as we will keep you posted if it's available.

When the services are back up we will update this thread, IRC and the forum as a whole. I have included a chart to help users understand the impact.

Downtime Systems Affected:

System  Status
Website  Online
Wiki  Online
Teamspeak  Online
Forum  Online
IRC  Online
EU Servers  Online
NA Servers  Online
AU Servers  Online

January 11, 2015, 05:39:59 PM by Naozumi
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Hi all. Happy New Year again! Back by popular demand I have decided to pull together some stats like I did last year so here we go with 10 interesting stats, some the same and some different.

20.2 Million Pages
That's over 55,000 pages served up every day this year and an increase of over half a million!

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor
Crafting remains the most popular page after the character page. The redesigned auction hall however has seen a surge in its popularity and was the most popular page in December.

Region 1 baby
The source regions remain the same with USA taking the number one spot over Germany followed by the UK, Australia and Poland fill the top five. When split into sub continent however Western Europe easily trumps over North America followed by North and then Eastern Europe. Australia props up the bottom of the top 5.

You guys certainly created a huge number of characters although people are clearly much more content with their characters with a drop in 4,000.

To me! To you! To me! To you! Trading is on the up with over 23,000 extra trades set up this year.

The iPhone remains king
Although desktop users demolish mobile users (over 90% desktop!!!), the iPhone remains the most popular phone. But beware - a subtle trick by Apple devices however allows all variants to hide under one name. The iPad manages to retain second place and although the iPod too uses the trick as the others it drops to 4th place behind the HTC M7 One which takes 3rd place and proves the most popular single Android device. In manufacturer wars however Samsung takes second place over HTC (whilst Apple obviously leads).

iOS manages to retain its lead in the mobile OS wars however it has lost the crown in the monthly wars in August so expect to see Android on top next year unless Apple does something special.

Our visitor numbers are up by 23% based on last year. We saw a big boost based on the new listing of the mod on Steam but plenty came from you guys. Thanks and keep spreading the word!

Browser Wars
Chrome is the undeniable king of browsers on NI increasing 2 points to over 63%. Firefox keeps the second place crown despite falling 2 points to 23% and whilst only accounting for 5% of traffic Internet Explorer has an increase of 6.32% versus last year's usage.

By special request I can confirm that there is over 900 players with legendary items sat out there in player inventories so its clearly not impossible to get them. Keep on fighting on and this could be you next year!

Anyway this wraps up another year of stats. Hopefully you found these interesting and let us know what other stats you would like to know next year or anything else you think that people should know about in NI during 2014. See you on the battlefield!

/Nao & All of the NI Dev Team

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