May 28, 2015, 12:38:25 AM
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May 17, 2015, 05:10:55 PM by Kip
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Hello everyone!

Today we are releasing a new system for scheduling house events.  This new system is integrated into and can be accessed from the house page by clicking on the Events link.

House leaders and captains have the ability to apply for events.  As before with the PM form, all the usual fields are present.  The "Start At" field which specifies when you wish your event to start will automatically set itself to your computer's timezone - all the timezone and daylight saving math takes place behind the scenes.

The system is still very new and will undoubtedly be improved further over time.  If you see something that is not working right or that could be improved, post about it here.  If for some reason you cannot schedule your event (or the event is not scheduled properly), send a PM to the Event Coordinator.  (To clarify, general problems and bug reports should be posted here.  Specific event scheduling issues should be PMed to the Event Coordinator.)

Kip and the NI team
April 29, 2015, 12:37:40 AM by Kip
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In an effort to make it easier to read numbers over 999, the Auction Hall, player gold, and character xp now have a space as the thousand place separator.  The reason for choosing a space is that some regions use commas while others use periods.  To complicate things further, the symbols are reversed entirely to separate the whole number from the decimal.  A space is more neutral and provides the same visual separation and readability.

If this change feels right, we will continue to add thousand separators to more of the large numbers on the website.  Meanwhile, if you have a particular number in mind that could use this separator, feel free to point it out!

- Kip

Note: If the Auction Hall is not calculating the total cost properly when you try to buy items, force a page refresh with Ctrl + F5 to ensure you have the latest copy.
April 13, 2015, 12:12:39 AM by Kip
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Hello NI community!

It has been a while since we have had to make one of these messages (over a year, actually) but it is time to once again ask for more support for the cost of our servers.  In a change from previous requests, we are listing the monthly costs for each region with an approximate conversion to the local currency.

Europe   50 EUR   ~36 GBP   One dedicated server   Last month's donations: ~12 EUR   Current donations: 300 EUR
North America   53 EUR   ~56 USD   One dedicated server   Last month's donations: ~8 EUR   Current donations: 20 EUR
Australia   38 EUR   ~52 AUD   Two game servers   Last month's donations: ~5 EUR   Current donations: 0 EUR

The Australian servers in particular are quite expensive.  Unlike the EU and NA servers, we have to pay for each individual game server.  (This is why there are currently only two.)  Unfortunately, donations for the AU servers only cover a fraction of the cost (about 5 EUR per month).  If we do not see an increase from that area (or an overall surplus), we might be forced to drop one or both AU servers.

The other two regions are also in need of more donations.  We are currently receiving about 20 EUR per month for them combined.  Because they are dedicated servers, it does not cost us more to run more game servers on them - the only limitation is the hardware of the server.  This also means we cannot reduce costs by dropping game servers in those regions.

In brighter news, we have some great ideas in the pipeline for the next patch and are looking forward to how they will affect game progression from lower to upper levels.  I don’t want to say anything specific quite yet but these changes will make the game more inviting for new members and introduce some fun ideas for existing members too!

In closing, NI has survived a number of years now with the support of our great community.  It has provided countless hours of enjoyment and with your help, will continue to do so.  Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
The NordInvasion Team

PS: The donation page can be found by clicking the "Help NI" link on our homepage (or by clicking here).

Edit: Added running total of donations as of April 20th
April 01, 2015, 04:31:55 AM by Kip
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For a bit of early April fun, we have a few servers distributing random gear again!

Just join an NI_April_ server with a few or all of your equipment slots empty and you will get random weapons, armor, or support items.  Slots that you choose to equip yourself will get whatever you equip.  Don't worry about getting arrows but no bow - items like that are paired together.

NI_April_EU1 and NA1 are normal mode, NI_April_EU2 and NA2 are hard mode, and NI_April_DM_EU and NA are deathmatch.

The loadouts can get quite silly so have fun!

- Kip and the NI Team

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