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September 11, 2014, 02:41:51 AM by Barristan
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In line with our continued efforts to make NI awesome and as much fun as possible. There are some small changes to the hero classes. The rangers have been placed in an intensive fitness programs... They have sat on their fat backsides in their special gear for too long. So we sent them to Pamplona, added some tricksters and now, those that survived should be a bit quicker on their feet and perhaps slightly anxious around any helmet with horns.

The king has also noticed a distinct lack of men holding large halberds in his palace. To solve that problem and give comfort to his peace of mind during this terrible war, a discount on entry is available for the next week.

-The Nord Invasion team
July 17, 2014, 08:08:28 PM by Kip
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We have moved the website, database, and TeamSpeak to a new, more powerful server.  A portion of the EU servers will follow soon.

The new TeamSpeak address is

If you notice anything wrong, please let us know.

- The NordInvasion Team


We plan to move to move the website, database, TeamSpeak, and a portion of the EU servers to a new, more powerful server later today (currently aiming to start in about two hours - this might change).

There will be some downtime during the move.  (The forum will not be affected, however.)

We will try to have everything back up as soon as possible.

- The NordInvasion Team
July 09, 2014, 04:50:12 PM by Kip
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It has been some time since anyone reported the symptoms listed in this thread so I have to assume TaleWorlds as resolved the issues on their end.

This thread will now serve only to document what happened.

Archive: Steam Updates
A series of Warband updates were recently pushed out to players on Steam.  They were part of addition of Steam Workshop support for Warband and better Linux and Mac support.  Some of them broke Warband badly with errors or crashing but it seems somewhat fixed now.

These updates only affected Steam users.  Stand-alone installations of Warband did not receive any updates.

Archive: Authentication Servers
Unrelated to the recent updates, Warband was available to play for free on the weekend.  This resulted in a massive influx of users which overloaded the TaleWorlds authentication and server list servers.  "Incorrect Authorization Key" and "Unable to Connect to Server" were very common errors.  Furthermore, free players (and some payed users) were given completely random IDs each time they joined a server preventing them from getting stats and gear.

The free weekend is now over but there are a few leftover problems.

Archive: Random User IDs
If you are still getting activation codes each time you join a server try these steps:

Lets start with the simplest: restart Steam entirely.  Closing all the Steam windows is not enough, you need to make sure it is not running in the system tray.  If you are unsure how to restart Steam entirely, restarting the computer will do as well.

Try joining a server and hope that it works.  If not, try these longer steps:
Make sure Warband is closed when you do this.
Be very careful about editing your registry.  If you are not careful, you could break things.

1.  In the Steam Library, right click Warband and click "View CD key".  You will need this key later.
Note: If you do not see a CD key listed, stop.  The rest of the instructions require it.
2.  Open the "Run" prompt.  (Holding down the windows key and pressing "R" is an easy way to do this.)
3.  Type "regedit" and press enter.
4.  In the left panel, go to the following folders: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ MountAndBladeWarbandKeys
5.  In the right panel, look for the "serial_key" entry.  (If it is not there, right-click a blank area and create a new "String Value" and name it "serial_key".)
Note: "serial_key_nw" is for Napoleonic War and is not related.
6.  Right-click the "serial_key" entry and modify it.
7.  Set the value to the CD from step 1.

Close all the windows and try joining a server.

These are the only two methods I know for fixing the random IDs.  TaleWorlds / Steam might do something to fix it automatically in the next few days but if you are eager to play, this should work.
June 05, 2014, 09:18:48 PM by Naozumi
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Hi all,

I am happy to announce the latest in our continued updates to the website.

Touch Friendly Navigation

We welcome your touchy fingers. The navigation system will now work on touch screen devices. You will find that when touching something like house or marketplace that the second option will reveal itself but the website will not change. Press it a second time and you will be taken to the page as normal or press the alternative option (Auction hall, trading etc).

Please be aware that touch enabled computers will count as touch enabled devices. We are looking into a way to only make this occur on tablets and phones and not computers.

Extra Button

There is a new "Extras" option that shows the home page links. Other extra features will appear here in time to any users who have access to extra systems. Additionally, anyone modifiying the website (eg: NI+) should use this to display their menus. Also, the logout button is now located under account section.

Auction Hall

Saving the biggest change for last, we are proud to announce the new auction hall. With a completely new design, filters and even the ability to look for things that you can't equip on that character. Also, try clicking a record for expanded statistics (which have been checked), nice pictures (click image for even larger picture) and the ability to check prices of items against the "normal" pricing range on the marketplace.

NB: All existing auction listings have been returned with your full tax money.
NI+ users - please disable the plugin pending an update as it can prevent the rows expanding. NI+ has been updated.
If parts of the website are not behaving as expected, try pressing Ctrl + F5 to force a full refresh of the page.

/Nao & the dev team

Original Notification:
Some aspects of the website are being upgraded. More details will be released soon but during this time you may find parts of the site are unavailable.

Please bear with us and we will be back up and running soon.

EDIT: Gameplay will be unaffected during this time.

UPDATE 21:56 BST - Server has been updated.


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