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  0.7.15 "An Explosive Resurrection" 

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July 31, 2015, 03:00:26 AM by Winter
Views: 372 | Comments: 14

Good news everyone!

Starting right about now, Hardened Metal will now drop in groups 3 times larger than usual!  This special event will go on through Sunday night  (time to be determined) so get it while its fresh!  Now is a great time to finally finish off that project you've kept on the back-burner for weeks, help out your friends, or just save up for the future :)

The NI Team
July 06, 2015, 06:23:41 PM by Naozumi
Views: 261 | Comments: 2

Taleworld's Servers Are Offline Online

We anticipate issues for users logging but unfortunately this is beyond our control.

Hopefully everything will be back up soon but check for up to date information.


July 03, 2015, 06:44:27 AM by Kip
Views: 466 | Comments: 4

Hello everyone,

There has been a change in the way the AU servers and donations are handled.  All AU donations should now be make with the Clan Pay option now listed on the Help NI page.  This will allow a more direct method of donating to the cost of the servers without having to convert from AUD to EUR and then from EUR to USD.

As part of the change, the existing two AU servers now have new IP addresses and thanks to a generous starter donation, there is now a third AU server - Ragnarok.  The number of servers available will depend entirely on donations so please keep an eye on the account balance and top it up from time to time.

The bill comes in once a month and costs $19.95 US per server (59.85 for all three).  The current account balance for the AU servers can be seen on the Clan Pay page.  If the account does go into the red, there is a short grace period before GameServers automatically suspends the account (which hopefully will never happen).  ;)  If three servers proves too much to support, we will drop back down to two for a while.

- Kip and the NI Team
June 18, 2015, 04:53:11 AM by Kip
Views: 732 | Comments: 10

Hello everyone,

For a while now, we have had an official wiki which has contained the game rules and the beginnings of various sections.  To get it started, editing rights have been given to only a select few.  They have laid the foundations for many areas which we wish to cover more thoroughly.

Today, the NordInvasion wiki is now open for community editing!  Anyone who wishes to contribute may do so.  The registration link can be found in the upper-right corner of the page.  Once signed in, you may access the Staff section to see information about styling and syntax.

We envision the wiki as being a place where beginners can get information about starting in NordInvasion and a reference for any other information that might now be scattered across various parts of the forum.  A few of the subjects that could benefit from pages are registering your first character, creating alts, how the wave system works, how to heal and refill ammunition, anything that might not be obvious for someone new to the game.

If you have any questions such as how certain topics should be grouped or whether certain major changes should be made to pages, feel free to ask here.

- Kip and the NI Team

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